Month: June 2018

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!

Well maybe not quite that fast. But our same day couriers really are quick. If you need something delivered, super-fast, anywhere in the UK, we’re the people to call. We’ll get your package where it needs to be, with no fuss and no delays. Your driver won’t make any unnecessary stops, and certainly won’t take […]

No Substitute

  We’re always excited to see new technology developing which could make life easier for our customers and our same day couriers alike. So we’ve been following the progress of ‘self-driving’ vehicles with interest. Imagine the difference it would make to have a van that really could drive itself. A courier could just sit back, […]

No Hanging Around

  Is there anything more infuriating than waiting at home all day for a package, only for the driver to not turn up? It’s even worse when you’ve had to reorganise your whole day around the delivery. That’s not the Rock Solid way. We don’t believe in hanging around before we get your same day […]

5 Things We Can Deliver

In the last 25 years, we reckon our same day couriers have delivered more or less everything there is to deliver. No doubt, one of our future customers will ask us to deliver something that hasn’t crossed our minds, but we’re looking forward to meeting that challenge, too! In the meantime, here are a few […]