Month: July 2020

Your courier CV of requirements

As a consumer or business looking to engage with another business, we view this similar to a job interview. You are the ‘employer’ who probably has a list of ‘candidates’ in mind and eventually will choose one for the job. As the ‘potential employee’ we need to do our best to convince you that choosing […]

An explanation of what3words

You are probably looking at this blog post title and wondering what it is actually on about – stick with it – all will become clear! What is it? What3words is a new app or system for locations. The interface divides the whole globe into 3m squares. Then individual squares are drawn up within that […]

What are fine art couriers?

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries we have experience at dealing with a wealth of deliveries and courier items. We are particular experts in dealing with fragile items or ones which are sensitive and bespoke. Clicking the link will show further details of this. Within that range of fragile items, the scope covers many areas, including […]