5 Delivery Emergencies We Can Help With

We’re same day couriers. So, we specialise in helping people get their packages to where they need to be, on the same day they call.

Here are some particular delivery emergencies we handle all the time:

  1. Legal letters. Our couriers are fast, discrete and reliable. We’ll make sure your documents get into the hands of the person who needs them, as quickly as possible. And we’ll send you proof of delivery as soon as that has happened, to put your mind at rest.
  2. Event crisis. You’ve spent months planning a big event and, on the day, it turns out something big is missing. Don’t panic. One of our same day couriers will collect the goods and deliver straight to your event venue or exhibition stand, in time for the big unveiling.
  3. I forgot my passport! We’ve helped literally dozens of customers who’ve got to the airport only to realise they left their passports at home or at their hotel. So if that’s happened to you, don’t worry. Call us and we’ll reunite you with your passport in double-quick time.
  4. A difficult package. Bulky? Awkward shape? Fragile? Needs to be kept cold? None of those things are problems for Rock Solid Deliveries. We’ve got the right vehicle to meet your unique requirements, so just talk to us about what your package needs.
  5. Another courier let me down. Sadly, not all same day couriers are created equal. We’ve all heard horror stories of deliveries gone wrong and Rock Solid Deliveries can step in when another courier misses the mark.

If you have an urgent delivery, you need a same day courier. Rock Solid Deliveries can take care of your delivery and put your mind at rest. Call us on 0800 999 8220 for a no-obligation quote.

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