5 Things Your Same Day Courier Wants You To Know

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we love what we do! And there are just a few things our same day couriers want to say about it:

I want to help. Really.

I choose to be a same day courier because it’s a great feeling when I can help someone out of a tight spot. So if your package needs any special handling or if the delivery is likely to be tricky in any way, it’s no trouble. Please just ask.

It’s a big help if it’s properly addressed.

It’s easier for me to get your package there on time if I know where I’m going! So please be as specific as you can with the delivery address.

Please box it up before I arrive.

Of course, if your package is bulky, fragile or an awkward shape, I’ll have materials with me to make sure it’s secure and protected in the van. But if you possibly can pack it in a box before I get to you, I’ll be on the road again more quickly.

It’s fine to check.

If your delivery is important, of course you’ll want to make sure I’ve got the right address and the right name for the recipient. And if it’s urgent, naturally you’ll want to know how my journey is going and whether I’m on schedule. Calling to check is absolutely fine. We expect it.

I love feedback!

I really care about the work I do and I want to get even better at it. So if you’re pleased with the same day courier service Rock Solid Deliveries are providing, please leave us a review. And if there’s anything we could improve, please tell us that, too.

Our same day couriers are helpful, efficient and available. Call us today on 0800 999 8220 and we’ll send you someone to take care of your delivery emergency.

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