Advantages of using a smaller based courier company

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a courier company for their requirements. Courier companies come in a variety of sizes from smaller and family associated businesses, through to the large-scale ones that many have heard of. Whilst all couriers offer delivery services and strive to achieve the same thing, have you ever thought about the difference and advantage that smaller companies could have to you as a consumer? This article will consider these points in further detail.

Rock Solid Deliveries is a courier company that offers a whole range of services, including our core offering which is same day delivery services. As a smaller (but by no means small) business, we like to think we offer a competitive advantage to business and custom than you may not get with some of our larger rivals. Here is why we think that ourselves and other smaller based services may be better for the consumer:

1) Ability to offer a personal service.

Smaller couriers tend to have smaller volumes of business compared to large companies than run on a batch / production line type system. This often means that small companies have the time and capacity to get to know you and your requirements better. Many appreciate this ‘personal touch’ and it can really help make a customer and their business feel valued.

2) Business is more appreciated.

All companies appreciate your business – at least they should! Larger companies can theoretically get business from anywhere because they know their brand is popular and associated with their industry. Smaller businesses have to work harder and need to keep up their efforts in order to achieve a good reputation and keep repeat custom. In this, smaller couriers are much more likely to appreciate your business and give a highly efficient service.

3) Greater flexibility.

Larger courier companies tend to have rigid, set and often complicated procedures and practices to follow – a bit like cogs in a machine. The problem comes when something bespoke or outside of the ordinary is required. Larger couriers can often struggle with this because bespoke requirements get lost in their system. Smaller courier companies have a greater degree of flexibility as the tend to operate by their own rules, being flexible to changes and requests as they occur.

4) Better relationships with staff.

Larger courier companies have abundant staff and this can make it difficult to manage and support employees. The health and wellbeing of employees is very important and this often impacts the customer by way of quality and standard of service offered. Smaller courier companies are much better placed to ‘care’ for their employees because they often have much less staff to cater for. A more personal and tight-knit relationship between employer/employee is much more achievable, which boosts morale and impacts positively on the business and consumer.

5) Easier to contact.

Smaller couriers don’t have long ‘press 1 for this 2 for that’ phone systems, often resulting in long queues. There is nothing worse than needing to speak to someone and having to wait for 10 minutes or even an hour. Smaller couriers don’t have the large volume of customer service requirements to deal with, meaning phone calls, messages or emails are dealt with much quicker.

6) Reliability is greater.

Larger courier companies have a sheer volume of work. The parcels they cater for and turnaround can be mind numbing. Catering for all these parcels means that sometimes problems can occur, items go astray or delivery times not met. With a smaller courier company this is less likely to be an issue, because the service is more personal and dedicated. They are often overseeing far less parcels, meaning that tracking is far more effective.

Want to find out more on why Rock Solid Deliveries is one of the best courier services around? Judge us by reading our company values page.

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