Can I Send Legal Goods With Same Day Delivery?

When you have an important legal document on your hands, you don’t want to hand it over to just anyone. We know that legal documents matter. So Rock Solid Deliveries will always handle items like that with care and discretion.

When you contact us, we’ll immediately start working with you on a delivery plan that meets your exact requirements, providing any kind of specialist handling your documents might need. We’ll ensure that your documents are given only to the specific person you name as the recipient. And as soon as your delivery is complete, you’ll receive a proof of delivery, by email or text message.

Naturally, we’ll deliver quickly, too. Your same day courier will be with you within an hour of your call, will collect your documents right away, and will deliver to the destination with no fuss, no unnecessary delays and no detours to collect other packages. If you need a progress update while your documents are en route, we’ll be happy to provide that, too. Just call us.

Contact Rock Solid Deliveries today for a same day courier with experience in delivering important documents, quickly. You can trust Rock Solid Deliveries with your legal documents. Call 0800 999 8220 for a no-obligation quote.

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