Circumstances you would use a same day courier

Rock Solid Deliveries are a diverse courier company based in Birmingham, but deliver nationwide. We are diverse because we offer a range of services. Many of these are often ‘bespoke’ and above what people would traditionally regard as those involving couriers. One such bespoke service we offer is that of a same day courier, and this is one of our leading offerings. Many of you will have used this before, but some of you may need to use it in the future and may not know what it is about. Our latest article therefore will provide some more information of when using a same day courier would be helpful and beneficial.

The main idea behind a same day courier service is it is quick and dedicated.

Quickas the name ‘same day’ suggests, there is a focus on time and ensuring that the item arrives that day. Most parcel and courier services are next day at the very earliest, so the logistical process of something same day is not something everyone can achieve.

Dedicated – to achieve a same day delivery there has to be an element of dedication about the delivery. If a courier is delivering multiple parcels, time will not permit all these to be delivered within a few hours. This is why same day is often on a parcel by parcel basis, based on one customer and their requirements at any given time.

For same day, it is true therefore that costs will be higher than sending something to arrive the following day (or later) or with other parcels, but there may well be many circumstances (as we will see shortly,) that this is justified. Some people therefore regard same day sending and delivery as something of a luxury. If you choose the right same day courier however, it need not be as expensive as you think, while still achieving the results you need.

What are the most common reasons for using a same day courier?

Have a look at the list below. These are some of the main reasons that customers come to us and ask for same day services. The list is not exhaustive however, and we can offer this service for just about any circumstance!

Fragile items. Whilst we do offer a fragile service in addition, sometimes fragile items are best to be sent and received as quickly (but still safely) as possible, to avoid the risk of exposure to damage.

Important documents. Any sensitive material such as paperwork, confidential items, passports etc are some of the most common items transported by same day methods. The quicker they arrive at their destination, the less chance of being compromised.

Large items. Most parcel charges are calculated based on size and weight. Many same day couriers often use a flat fee up to a certain level because the transport is hired specifically for you. This can surprisingly make same day services cheaper for larger items compared to ordinary methods.

* Emergency situations. For some people, there arises a situation when something just needs to arrive on the same day, and it is not about size, weight or contents. Same day services are the obvious choice if time is important.

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