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Need help with Air Cargo Charter?

This page focuses on courier services around cargo (more specifically named air cargo charter.) If you are looking to find out more on what this is, or for a company which can help with your requirements, read on to learn more information and details.

What is an air cargo charter service?

Perhaps initially it is best to explain what it isn’t!

If you are looking for transport of cargo locally, or below a certain weight (we normally recommend around 30kg,) then this service is not geared for these types of jobs and you would be better searching for one of our other services which may be more targeted.

Generally, this service focuses on bulky cargo items which need to be shipped internationally. This service is perfect for anyone who has a planned timeline in mind, but can also be used for rapid (‘last minute’) services too.

What are some of the considerations for air cargo charter services?

(1) The process of shipping air cargo is a precise and time critical activity with little room for mistakes. If this cargo is delivered at short notice, then these factors come into play even more. A company needs to be large and experienced enough to be able to handle this.

(2) What types of goods are being transported? Air cargo charter can involve all ranges of goods. With aircraft, restrictions and prohibitions on the type of goods that can be sent are stricter. ‘Dangerous goods’ here can include innocent items which contain flammables, corrosives or toxic shipments for example. Your courier needs to be aware of all requirements and advise / act accordingly to ensure compliance.

(3) What is the destination of the cargo? Some places are much more remote than others. This has consequences because it can have logistical and practical problems. Good air cargo charter couriers will be able to recognise when issues might arise and help give the best alternative advice.

(4) How bulky are the goods?

Why choose Rock Solid Deliveries for air cargo charter services?

Our experience. As mentioned above, the more knowledge and practical experience you have in this field the better. You can trust that our employees and staff have handled many air cargo consignments successfully and with excellent feedback.

Choice of aircraft and airports. We research the best possible airlines and local or most convenient airports, to ensure your consignments reach their destination smoothly and without hassle.

Cost. Rock Solid Deliveries offer competitive and fair pricing for all services, and this stretches to air cargo charter too. We have been long enough in the business to search and offer decent prices and we ensure our customers benefit from this.

Availability. We are open 24/7 and thus, able to take your air cargo consignments at any time. This maximum availability also helps in the case of last minute or rapid versions of this air cargo charter service. Not only this, but we are also contactable 24/7. Worried about your consignment or need some tracking done? We will be able to help outside 9am-5pm – perfect evidence of a company who puts customer service first.

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We know that air cargo charter services can have a degree of logistical planning involved with them which is much greater than sending an ordinary parcel.

Adrian and the team are here to take the time to speak to you, understand what is important, and focus on your specific requirements. Why not give us a call today and we can get you set up on your first air cargo delivery?