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Do you have a need for a bespoke courier service?

You have arrived at our bespoke courier service page and thank you for visiting today. In this section you can learn more about this specific service we offer and how Rock Solid Deliveries can help you achieve your delivery aims.

What are bespoke courier services?

Everyone has a stereotypical image of a courier delivering an ‘average parcel’ from your favourite well known shop. Like anything however, not everything fits into one box and many couriers do a lot more than offer delivery of shopping items.

If you are a regular customer or follow us, you will already know that Rock Solid Deliveries is involved in more than just the above as far as deliveries are concerned. For example, we have commercial services and operate with businesses which involve complex and vast operations.

Bespoke couriers are a perfect example of something which is ‘outside the box’ Bespoke courier services therefore can be thought of as unusual deliveries or where some extra planning or work is required to ensure that those delivery needs are fulfilled.

How do bespoke courier services work? 

Different companies who offer this service all work slightly different but the principle behind operation is generally the same. The central aim behind offering bespoke services is being adaptable and flexible to be able to meet the needs of the customers circumstances and situation.

Anyone who offers this service needs to have a proactive and problem solving approach to their work, to ensure the needs are met of not only yourself, but your customers (if this is being used in a business or commercial capacity.) Costs and deadlines can be high and tight with all delivery services, and if you have something which is bespoke or outside the box these variables can produce extra challenges.

How do Rock Solid Deliveries offer bespoke courier services?

The benefit of our company is that it is diverse, with a range of staff who have different skills. This is the perfect background to offer bespoke courier services, because there will always be someone who has dealt with a delivery which is unusual or bespoke in nature.

Finding a bespoke courier can be hard as not all couriers offer it or have experience in it. The good news is that Rock Solid Deliveries have staff located right across the country, including in Scotland and Wales. There will always be someone close or on hand to help with your bespoke delivery requirements.

Wondering how we are experts in bespoke delivery? Our experience is vast and we have dealt with many unusual parcels, events or situations during our years of operation. Some examples include:

(1) A fragile consignment of antique displays, which were delivered from West Sussex to Nottingham.

(2) A cake delivery made by a relative for their grandchild’s birthday. This was delivered from Bradford to Cirencester. The child was happy that they had a cake for their special day and Rock Solid Deliveries were able to help with this.

Perhaps the above aren’t quite that unusual, but the below certainly is:

(3) A large rhino costume!

Sometimes you may be looking for a bespoke courier service as a one-off or for an occasional need. You may however be a company or business which has an unusual product offering and is looking to team up with a courier who can regularly deliver these bespoke products. Whichever you are, you can be confident that we will look after your needs in the most professional and skilled way. We pride ourselves on our service, and this is evidenced by our repeat and regular customer base, aswell as welcoming new clients to our company.

How do I book Rock Solid Deliveries for my bespoke courier service?

Booking is simple! Either call us or drop us a message. In the former, one of our friendly team will be on hand to discuss your requirements. If you send a message, someone will respond as quick as possible because we know your time is important and we want to save you stress.

Once you have made contact, do let us know your exact requirements and just how ‘bespoke’ you need our service to be. We will always ensure we follow your instructions as closely as possible, so your expectations of our service are exceeded.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you as your bespoke courier service provider.