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Do you require a Dedicated Direct Drive Delivery service?

Hello, and thanks for viewing our page full of information and guidance on our dedicated direct drive delivery service.  If you already know what this service is, then feel free to contact us directly and ask for a quote or estimate for your job. Rock Solid Deliveries are a highly trusted, well respected courier, who offer a range of delivery services from the specific to the bespoke.

What is Dedicated Direct Drive Delivery?

Does the courier or delivery process sometimes worry you? Maybe it is not even this. Perhaps there are circumstances when you have a very unique, valuable or sensitive item, and you need extra reassurance that the whole process is going to run smoothly?

Before exploring the above, its important to look at some general principles associated with our company. Rock Solid Deliveries revolve around their customers. We believe this should be true of any business, but sadly, some are more interested in profit or shortcuts rather than good customer service. Our customers are more than satisfied with us, and we can actually share this with you by offering you to view our Trustpilot site, which lists all the successful deliveries we have carried out.

Now, when it comes to using any of our services, that knowledge and peace of mind is very important for the trusting relationship between customer and business. Our dedicated direct drive delivery service builds on and has principles of this trust within its work, and we will now look at specifically why, as we consider what this service is.

Sometimes people like to have complete control over the delivery experience. It could be for reasons as mentioned above or just because you want to be involved with the process yourself. Dedicated direct drive delivery is all about the bespokes of delivery, ensuring the customers specification is planned and followed to the letter.

Whilst there is a certain amount of instruction or direction from the customer involved in any delivery, much of it is left at the delivery companies discretion based on what their experience tells them would be best for the situation. With dedicated direct drive delivery, the customer can even have input and control over these things, making for a rounded and complete delivery experience. These types of things include:

* The specific route travelled.

* The exact transportation method (e.g. size, style or type of vehicle.)

* Precise collection time.

* Specific delivery time.

* Any on-board instructions or requirements that need taking care of.

With all the above in mind, ‘dedicated’ is the most important word in this service. There will only ever be 1 driver dealing with your sole job and nothing else! Since the service is dedicated, it allows for the driver to focus on all these additional requirements or specifics that may be needed – such that you would not get if you sent your delivery in a more traditional way where it was transported with lots of other goods. Dedicated direct drive delivery therefore, allows for a more personal, tailored and unique service, giving you the maximum control if required.

Who would use dedicated direct drive delivery services?

This service is popular with businesses that need someone to assist with fast, organised and targeted delivery, whilst not being adverse to having customers

input as part of the process.

Many industries have found use for this service including the medical and healthcare industries, food, hospitality and catering, or engineering and manufacturing.

The beauty of Rock Solid Deliveries is that we have access to a range of vehicle types, meaning we are able to cater from anything such as small envelopes with documents in, to large consignments such as freight and containers. Every one of these situations can present something that is uniquely required from the customer – whether that be a specific route that needs to be travelled or precise handling instructions for once the parcel is in our care. With dedicated direct drive delivery, this can be done!

It is also worth remembering that if you have lots or multiple goods, this service can actually work out cheaper than you think, because all the space is utilised in the vehicle as the use will be solely for you. You can then be assured that all your goods will follow the exact same instructions you specify, meaning there is ultimate guarantee for you.

Does a dedicated direct drive delivery service sound like something you need? Look no further than us here at Rock Solid Deliveries. Adrian and the team are waiting to take your call, answer your message, and learn about the specific requirements of your delivery. Contact us now to discuss.