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Require the services of a Film & Production Courier?

Hello and welcome to this page. Chances are you are here because you work in the film or production industry, and are looking for a film & production courier to help with a situation where you need delivery or transportation. Our dedicated page will give you more information on this bespoke service, along with how we can help. If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us at any time.

What is a film & production courier?

If you think about a recent film or production you have seen, the concept of it is vast. It is hard to appreciate the work that goes into a film and everything it takes to make it, because you get so lost in the plot or story. All films require props, scripts, lighting, sound equipment and other materials which are used to make the film a success. Films and productions can often be set in a number of locations and moving items either between locations (or to the one location in a static example) can be difficult. This is where a film & production courier can help, because they simply take care of the work for you, so you can focus on other parts of the film or production’s delivery.

Why do film & production couriers need to be flexible in their approach?

Being a film & production courier is a highly demanding role, where results must be delivered. No two films or productions are the same, and so couriers who work within this field must be prepared to adapt to the changing needs of the client and their situations or requirements as they meet them.

Not only is there a need for flexibility in approach, but flexibility in offering too. Anything to be delivered for the film and production industry can range from a small envelope to a vast container box full of equipment or expensive technology. Not everyone will be able to cater for that range and everything in between. Successful film and production couriers need to have the ‘infrastructure’ (by way of many vehicles, each being able to house different loads in weight and size.) As a film and production manager, you never know what is going to need to be delivered. When that time arrives, you need a company who can transport anything that is needed, rather than being subject to weight or size restrictions because the vans or vehicles are not available.

Why use Rock Solid Deliveries as your film & production courier?

Firstly, we are everything mentioned in the above paragraphs!

Secondly, because of the excellent experience we have. Adrian Critchley – Managing Director, has built the company up from what some might regard as an ordinary courier service who just delivers parcels. We now focus on and have expanded into other bespoke areas – film & production couriers are just a typical example of the extended further services we offer.

Thirdly, from being couriers, we understand how important time and money is when it comes to a business. We are aware that many films and productions have very strict and precise time limits for delivery, aswell as budgets to make any creations a success. It is because of this that Rock Solid Deliveries is good under pressure and that is exactly what is needed of a film & production courier.

Many items (whether that be props, lighting equipment etc,) are extremely valuable both in money terms and in significance. You need to hire someone who is expert in handling such precious goods, but also has a generous insurance policy scheme in place, should those very rare and unfortunate events happen to your items. We have exactly this!

Furthermore, our availability sets us apart from many others. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, waiting to take your calls and instructions. When it comes to films and productions, these are often made around the clock, and someone can suddenly find they need something delivering out of normal hours. Knowing that we exist to help, provides valuable reassurance that you will never be stuck or held up because of something you haven’t got which needs delivering. We also offer a same day service and pick up within 60 minutes, which can deliver even faster results.

If you are looking for a film & production courier, then we hope the above has inspired you to use us. We are keen to welcome new customers, and forge new relationships with all areas of industry and society. If there is anything you need to know, then please give Adrian and the team a call now, or message us if that is easier. We are very experienced and knowledgeable, not to mention trusted and respected by our customers and clients. We hope to offer you that very same experience soon.