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Oil & Gas Courier

Welcome to our page on oil & gas couriers. This is probably one of the less known or thought about services when it comes to that of enlisting couriers. However, because of the vital role that oil and gas play in all our lives (whether personally, domestically or commercially,) this is perhaps one of the most important courier services that exist.

An oil & gas courier

Oil and gas courier services can exist in a range of situations. Many of these can involve on-shore aswell as off-shore sites, so couriers need to have the scope and flexibility to be able to manage this. For example, some locations are remote or difficult to get to, which would be no good for a courier which focuses on large towns only. Equally, some couriers may not have the experience in handling hazardous materials like gas and oil, and therefore those with the highest skills only would suffice to act as delivery agents.

The importance of safety in oil & gas courier services.

When it comes to anything associated with oil and gas, safety is absolute key because these are substances classed as hazardous materials.  That starts with making sure that staff are well trained in dealing with the materials they are handling. This then extends to the vehicles which are being used for transportation, to ensure they meet all regulations and safety protocols to allow for the carriage of those materials. As oil & gas couriers, services need to be flexible and tailored to individuals requirements. None of this can be done at the compromise of safety and security however, and the best couriers associated within this field will recognise that.

What are the types of oil & gas courier services that can be offered?

The industry is vast, and as such there can be many instances when the need to call upon an oil & gas courier may arise. These include:

  • Petrol refinement and distribution.
  • Drilling.
  • Energy and water.
  • Onshore and offshore services.
  • Maintenance and operation.
  • Many more… Speak to us about your specific industry requirements!

Within each of these service areas, there will come a point when a courier needs to be used because it is either not practical or convenient for the job to be done internally by the business.

What makes Rock Solid Deliveries so good as oil & gas couriers?

  • We are highly experienced, thanks to managing director Adrian Critchley who has been involved with the courier industry for decades. This wealth of experience is shared throughout the company allowing skills to be adapted and expanded, which has resulted in offering services in more fields.
  • Oil and gas services are ones which often require peak demand and quick turnaround times. We promise fast delivery with no detours or diversions. Coupled with this, we can pick up items in as little as 1 hour.
  • Our track record on safety is excellent. We take all jobs seriously, and value the trust our customers put into us. However, when it comes to hazardous items like oil or gas, we take extra care to ensure those goods are in even safer hands!
  • We operate throughout the UK, including in those remote or hard to reach places that we mentioned earlier. This can be especially important to know if you are associated with offshore oil and gas. We don’t just handle the easy deliveries, we cater for all industries and society too!

If you are looking for an oil & gas courier, then why not contact us today for a quote or estimate? Adrian and the team are waiting to answer your telephone calls and messages, and can provide the professional and expert service you require.

We look forward to hearing from you!