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Are you looking for a reverse logistics courier?

Welcome to our page on reverse logistics. Here we will explain what this service is, and how Rock Solid Deliveries can help you as your number one choice for this work.

Reverse logistics is something of an unknown to many people when it comes to the courier industry – not least because it can often be quite a confusing topic to understand. There is a lot of effort and work that goes into reverse logistics to ensuring it is a success, but since there is more focus on the ‘forward’ element of it (i.e. the thing being sent or shipped in the first place,) any reverse element normally gets overlooked. Reverse logistics is too however, a vital part of the business chain. Problems in this area can lead to an increase in cost for the business, aswell as a reduction in customer service overall – neither of which is ideal.

What actually is reverse logistics?  

Reverse logistics is the name given to the process where any goods are sent back through the supply chain. The supply chain in effect goes into ‘reverse’ hence the name.


* When a customer simply returns goods, this is a prime example of this service. We have all done it, but many were probably not aware that the process was reverse logistics at work.

* Goods which experience refurbishment or renewal in some form.

* The re-use of packaging materials.

* The onward selling of goods which were initially returned because of an issue associated with stock or item returns.

* Disposal of items which have reached the end of their working life and are sent for scrap or discarding.

The importance of reverse logistics

A study was drawn up in 2001 which looked at this area. It found that around 40% of business surveyed did not consider this area of logistics important when compared to other areas it was involved with. This is however not true. Reverse logistics is a vital process for any business which handles goods, and the benefits can be huge. At a time when competition in business is high, something as unique as this can set you apart from others.

* Business costs are lowered. Reverse logistics reduces the need for storage of goods, and can also help with transportation costs associated with the business. All this assumes that this process is unique and targeted to your business.

* Gives greater service. Those that have been serious about this topic have reported an increase in positive engagement with customers and client bases. Providing a thorough returns service improves your quality as a company.

* Improves standing as a business. It follows from the above that if your customers are happy, your business will grow and be respected too. Those that are able to offer disposal of goods and recycling as part of the reverse logistic process, will also gain further merit.

* Increases sustainability and environmental friendliness. If you are able to offer some of the things mentioned above, then your green credentials can really shine through, which we all know is some important these days.

How can Rock Solid Deliveries help with reverse logistics?

Rock Solid Deliveries are a well known and well respected courier and delivery company. Our area of expertise stretches far beyond this however, and we are a vital partner within the logistics sector generally, handling commercial aswell as domestic work. If you are looking for someone to assist with reverse logistics, whether that be from a customer or supplier then we can help. Our experience stretches to handling a range of goods in plenty of different circumstances and we have the size and range of vehicles to be able to cater for any reverse logistic service.

To talk to us about your requirements, please contact one of our friendly team today, who will be more than happy to help advise and assist you.