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A Scheduled Courier Service

This page is for anyone who is interested in finding out more information on scheduled courier services. Our aim is to show and explain exactly what this service is, giving you all the facts and relevant information you might need. You can contact us at anytime to discuss this or any other one of our offerings, so if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is a scheduled courier service?

Scheduled (in the literal sense of the word,) means something which is planned for a set date and time. Perhaps your courier requirements are not ‘one- offs’ or as and when required, and you are looking for something more regular? The latter would be the idea of a scheduled courier service. The further point about this service is that it can be designed to operate again or at a set frequency – like various times of the months or on different days of the week. Scheduling your services takes a lot of hassle and stress out of arranging individual jobs. The advantage is that the same company (and often same staff,) are involved with your scheduled courier service, so they get to know and understand your requirements. Not only does this make for a good business relationship but it also improves productivity and performance.

Who would need to use a scheduled courier service?

This is often a popular service with the business community, but the ultimate fact is, anyone who needs to send something regular or on a pre-planned basis would benefit from using this. Some examples of the common uses for this service include:

* Delivery of goods to a supplier which happens on a regular basis.

* Utilising the courier, to schedule multiple deliveries at once – meeting the customers requirements and saving money.

*  Fulfilling contracts with various agencies to supply equipment or goods (e.g. NHS,) where a courier can commit to undertaking deliveries on a specific date and time which has been scheduled.

* For private individuals, regular deliveries which happen at specific times of the year. E.g. To a close family member who lives at the opposite end of the country who has parcels and gifts sent. Maybe it is a Son or Daughter who lives away at university, and likes regular food parcels sent.

What are the main advantages of using a scheduled courier service?

We have already mentioned some of these such as saving time and money or increasing customer satisfaction. There are however more:

* It allows you to expand and better predict your business model because you know you have a reliable courier that is constantly transporting your goods when scheduled and needed.

* If you are using the same courier for a scheduled service you will most likely have a point of contact who you can always call or message to discuss anything. The same wouldn’t necessarily be true if you were using different couriers on less frequent occasions.

* If you are a business your marketing appeal is increased, because you can advertise that you use scheduled courier services. More people are looking for reliable, frequent, and quick ways to get deliveries. These services can therefore provide a commercial advantage.

The important point about scheduled courier services.

Any courier should have adequate capacity to be able to deal with new and existing customers, aswell as planned and short notice deliveries. The main important take away about scheduled courier services is that having it planned creates a level of concrete reality about it. Some couriers who have smaller capacity or fewer staff, may be unable to cater for last minute deliveries because they simply don’t have the resources to be able to do it. Sometimes it is not even this. Perhaps Christmas or another very busy time of year is approaching, when the demand for couriers is increasing and finding a slot can be like gold dust. In these circumstances, it is always better to use scheduled courier services because it guarantees your slot. This also has an added advantage of taking pressure and stress off you – especially important if you are a busy business which is concentrating on other things.    

For any questions or to book us for your scheduled courier service, give Adrian or one of the friendly team a call or message now. We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you very soon.