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Whatever a customer needs us to deliver, we’ll take it seriously. Even when we were asked to pick up a life-size rhino costume from a zoo, the same day courier we sent out just smiled and got the job done. But other deliveries are slightly more significant. For example, last month, we stepped in to prevent a difficult medical situation.

Sarah called to tell us that her dad was at a conference in Lutterworth, but unfortunately he’d left his medication in Norwich. We had to get his meds to him ASAP. It was a Saturday morning when Sarah called, but we were ready to help and dispatched a same day courier straight away. The courier made it to Norwich in good time, picked up the medication and was immediately on the road again. By dinner time, he was in Lutterworth. Sarah’s dad had his meds and all was well.

I don’t know exactly what the medication was for. In all likelihood it wasn’t for anything life-threatening. But we’re glad our same day courier could help keep Sarah’s dad on an even keel, and we’re also glad Sarah trusted us enough to ask for our help. Sarah seemed very pleased with the outcome, too:

‘What an awesome service! It was absolutely seamless from start to finish and both the guys I dealt with were so helpful and friendly. Thank you for helping me reunite my dad with his medication!’

We’re same day couriers you can depend on when it really matters. Trust us to get your package through with no fuss, no delays and no damage. Call today on 0800 999 8220 and tell us how we can take care of what’s important to you.

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