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Emergency Couriers

We all know our emergency services. First there is the Police force to keep the peace. Second is the Fire Brigade to douse fires. Third is the Ambulance Service to get people to the hospital ASAP. But did you know there’s a fourth one? No, not the coast guard! It’s Rock Solid Deliveries! We can save your bacon with that deadline delivery or forgotten item.

We have delivered forgotten pallets, line stoppers that needed to be at their destination by a specific deadline, and keys from Aylesbury to Lyon in just 12 hours!
Read the testimonial of this exciting delivery below.

“I can't speak more highly of Rock Solid Deliveries. I lost my car keys whilst on a one-night stopover in Lyon, on my way to Marseille with my wife and two dogs. Rock Solid drove 12 hours to deliver a spare set of keys and were fantastic throughout the process, keeping me updated regularly. Special thanks to Adrian who was my contact and Richard the driver who arrived exactly when he said he would. He was friendly as punch, which after a 12-hour drive was admirable. THANK YOU Rock Solid Deliveries.”
Tom Bailey

This testimonial as well as a few others can be found on our Google reviews. Just type “Rock Solid Deliveries” into google.co.uk to find it.

All our drivers are tried, trusted and dedicated. They know that when you call upon Rock Solid Deliveries, you have entrusted us to get your goods delivered in the fastest time possible but with the care, commitment and pride that our drivers have. So you can trust that our drivers only go from point of collection to point of delivery, with no deviations.

Rock Solid Deliveries know that deadlines can be stressful for our customers, so we aim to keep you as up-to-date and in-the-loop as possible, by having our drivers inform us of any traffic delays as soon as they happen.
Trust us to deal with that emergency. And keep that number 0800 999 8220 in your phone book. We're the 4th emergency service and we’ll be here when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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