Every Second Counts

In an old episode of The Apprentice, Lord Sugar mentioned an occasion when one of his companies had submitted a tender for a contract. His office called a courier to take the tender document across town to the company taking the bids. The deadline for submissions was 5pm. On his way to his destination, the courier stopped for a coffee. He eventually arrived at 5.05pm – five minutes after the deadline – and Lord Sugar’s tender was rejected.

I saw that episode a long time ago, but the story stayed with me because it brought home to me how important it is to listen to what a customer really needs. In particular, a package has to be delivered by the deadline a customer gives. We understand that, for a same day courier, every second counts. So, if one of our couriers has your package, he (or she) will take it straight to its destination, with no unnecessary delays. You won't catch our couriers stopping for a coffee on a short hop across town. We respect our customers' requirements and we understand that when you say it has to be there by 5pm, 5.05pm is too late. When you hire a same day courier with Rock Solid Deliveries, you can be sure your goods will get there on time.

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