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This is our page focusing on all aspects of delivery and courier services based in and around Sunderland.

Rock Solid Deliveries is a courier company that has vast amount of experience in dealing with all stages of the delivery process. Our range of services are a signal of just how experienced our company is. You can be guaranteed that whether you choose a general delivery service or something more bespoke / specific, we will treat you with the same level of care and professionalism, whilst ensuring you get the best customer experience possible.

Perhaps you are here because you need a Sunderland same day courier? Alternatively, you may be visiting us today because you have used other courier companies before, and you have found they are not giving you the best experience anymore? Whatever the reason, we can guarantee that we don’t take any of our customers for granted, and will work very hard to ensure we excel in our role.

Rock Solid Deliveries is owned and directed by Adrian Critchley. Adrian and the main team are based at headquarters in the West Midlands (Birmingham.) However, unlike other companies, this is not where all our staff are based. For a courier company to work there needs to be access right across the UK and simply focusing on one area or part of the country will not achieve this. Instead, our company has a fleet of staff and employees in all parts of the UK including here in Sunderland. This is why we are able to offer our courier and delivery services in any place. If you live in Sunderland and are thinking of contacting us, you can be sure that we have staff close to the area, who will be able to collect your parcel without you having to wait endlessly (or worse still) wait for something that doesn’t turn up.

Time is critical, and it can be even more critical if you need an emergency courier to help with something fast, or a Sunderland same day courier to ensure your parcel arrives on that same day. That is why we make a pledge that if you need to, we can guarantee your items can be collected in as little as 60 minutes. This doesn’t matter whether you live in Sunderland or Southampton!

Which parts of the Sunderland area do you collect and deliver to?

It doesn’t matter where in this region you are located, we will get to you! Below is a list of popular and common places within the area, but remember that this is not a complete list, and as long as you give us your address and postcode, we will be able to collect from you!

* Sunderland City Centre.

* North Sunderland (e.g. Monkwearmouth, Roker.)

* East Sunderland (e.g. East End/ Docks Area and Hendon.)

* South Sunderland (e.g. Ashbrooke, Wearside.)

* West Sunderland (e.g. Tunstall, Barnes.)

What courier and delivery options are available?

Rock Solid Deliveries cater for a range of different services. Some you would expect or traditionally associate with a courier, others are more specific and bespoke, so we are able to target our expertise to different parts and types of industry.

* If your industry is in the medical or healthcare sector and you are looking for a medical courier, then Rock Solid Deliveries have vast experience in this area. Some of the types of situations we regularly encounter include the following:

– Courier and delivery to hospitals across Sunderland such as The Sunderland Royal Hospital or the Monkwearmouth Hospital. We can also cater for private hospitals.

– Dental practices within the Sunderland area – whether these are NHS or private establishments.

– Delivery to (or from) chemists, offering a range of services from transportation of medicines or other supplies.

– Laboratory delivery, for the collection of samples.

– Other courier needs within the medical or occupational sector – for example delivery of medical equipment or patient aids.

* One of our other popular areas of delivery is that within the event and exhibition industry. This is especially useful for goods or items transported either to / from shows and events. Some examples in the local area include The Sunderland Stadium Of Light, or the Quayside Exchange.

– We also cover theatres within event and exhibitions, and popular locations in Sunderland such as the Sunderland Empire Theatre are catered for.

* We are experts at dealing with fine art delivery – which is perfect for when you have something delicate and valuable that needs transporting with someone who can be trusted. Not only do we offer this to individuals who may need this as just a ‘one off’ service, we also cater for businesses and regular customers.

– Examples include the many art galleries and museums in the Sunderland area, like the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, The Sunderland Museum, or the National Glass Centre.

– Our offering also includes many individual art items or groups, such as ceramics, paintings, textiles, pottery, antiques, or jewellery.

* One of our main services is assisting customers in rapid delivery. That is why we provide an emergency courier and Sunderland same day courier service. We regularly get contacted by people who find themselves in a stressful situation because an item needs to be delivered promptly, whereby posting or sending in the normal way is just too long.

* Not only do we deliver within the UK and cater for domestic / personal services, but we also go further. Rock Solid Deliveries provide a European Delivery service, which often complements and is related to our freight service. We can make Sunderland as the beginning or final destination for these jobs, so please advise of your exact requirements when you contact us.

* Someone somewhere will turn up to the airport without their passport. This is actually more common than you might think. Luckily, Rock Solid Deliveries can help if this ever happens to you by providing a forgotten passport service. Do you live in Sunderland and plan to be travelling from Newcastle Airport or Durham Airport? This could prove extremely useful.

Now you have read more about us and what we do, perhaps you would like to see what our customers think of us? Find some recent testimonials below of other Sunderland residents or click on our Trustpilot page to find the full range.

  • Christine from Sunderland writes:

“Excellent customer service throughout, from my initial enquiry to the end delivery. I was kept updated about the progress of my delivery & informed within minutes of it being handed to the recipient. Prompt, efficient & friendly service. Highly recommended & I would use them again without hesitation.”

  • Michael from Sunderland remarks:

“Great service. We have used Rock Solid Deliveries on a number of occasions and always had a good service. Drivers have always been prompt for pick up and parcels always delivered. Would recommend!”

If you need a same day delivery to or from Sunderland, Rock Solid Deliveries are here to help you. We also cater for a range of other services or situations so please contact us to discuss. For a Sunderland same day courier, or anything else, give us a call on 0800 999 8220. You can also or chat with Adrian or the team, by messaging us now.

We look forward to serving more people in the great city of Sunderland!

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