Real Value For Money

‘Value for money’ has a bad reputation. When they hear the words ‘value for money’, a lot of people think of supermarket own-brand bread, which costs 35p and goes mouldy in three days, or cheap baked beans which are all sauce and no beans! Too many companies promise ‘value for money’ which is cheap enough, but actually little more than an excuse for poor material, poor workmanship or a long wait for delivery. A same day courier which offers ‘value for money’ can just mean low prices but shoddy service.

On the other hand, people say, ‘You get what you pay for.’ There may be some truth in that. Quality materials and quality service usually cost a little more. But again, unscrupulous companies take advantage of that and charge their customers the earth for ‘premium’ products. So be careful about hiring a ‘premium’ same day courier – you might end up paying through the nose for service which turns out not to be that impressive, after all.

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we believe value for money and good service can go together. We make it a point of principle to offer quick, professional service at affordable prices. We’ll always offer our customers reasonable rates, but we won’t compromise on service to do that. That’s real value for money.

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