The best inner packing for your items

As a same day courier service, we often get asked questions concerning packaging, and what the best thing to do inside the boxes is when sending parcels.

To us, packaging your items is one of the most important things. Afterall, what use is it if your item arrives but is damaged? In this blog posting we take a closer look at some of the best methods available.

One general point to make is to say that the packaging will depend on your items. Size, weight, fragility and some other factors will all determine what materials are best to use. If you are in doubt asking an expert will be one of the best things you can do to protect your parcel. If you are using a courier or same day courier to send items, then our pick of the below are amongst some of the best to use.

Bubble wrap is among some of the most commonly used packaging for sending items. Bubble wrap is essentially a plastic sheet on a roll, which is often cut to suitable size. Bubble wrap contains small, frequent spaces of air (like bubbles.) This acts as a cushion to help support delicate items and can be used to ‘line’ your box as an extra initial layer of protection.

Air pillows are another packaging method which must be considered for sending items. These are similar to bubble wrap but are individual sacs full of air – literally looking like a small pillow which is made out of air, hence the name. Air pillows cushion items similar to bubble wrap, but due to the bigger size, often play a good role in keeping items from moving whilst being transported. This ensures that the chance of damage is reduced. Air pillows are often used to fill the empty spaces inside the box, so produce extra cushioning effect. Air pillows are relatively cheap, easy to get hold of an are an extremely versatile product for sending items.

You will often see parcels packaged with a type of polystyrene foam inside. This is another popular material used for sending items via a courier. Polystyrene foam can be used for a wide range of packages from very large items, to simple and small transits. Polystyrene foam is light-weight, low cost and often has other advantages that people don’t automatically think of. These include being moisture and bacteria resistant, aswell as being a good insulator for the contents. This can be useful to know if you are sending any products where consideration of these factors is important.

Surprisingly enough, paper and card can produce good results when used as an internal packaging method. Thick paper and cardboard can be used well to hold items in place – this is especially so if these materials are adapted to suit the shape / size of the box. Remember that paper and card can be recycled or used again, which makes them a popular green packaging material.


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