Tired Truckers

There was a disturbing item in the news this week, reporting that hundreds of lorry drivers are exceeding the limits on the hours they are supposed to drive. In other words, many lorry drivers are driving tired.

Lorries are usually fitted with tachographs - digital devices that record the number of hours a driver has been on the road. These are important safety devices, but more and more drivers are finding ways to tamper with their tachographs or even switch them off completely. Apparently, it's a particular problem for drivers coming into the UK from mainland Europe. Pressure from their bosses to get the job done, combined with a simple need for money, is leading drivers to manipulate their tachometers and ignore legal limits on the hours they can drive without a break.

The potential consequences are frightening, of course. Imagine a courier driving a 44-tonne lorry, without taking a break for 12 hours. And imagine what might happen if that exhausted driver fell asleep at the wheel.

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we take the safety of our drivers and of other road users deadly seriously. We are same day couriers. We understand the pressure of tight deadlines and we're absolutely committed to getting your package to its destination on time. But we have never and will never put our drivers or anyone else at risk in doing that. Whatever size of vehicle our couriers drive, we make sure they drive safely, including taking regular breaks. When you hire a same day courier through Rock Solid Deliveries, you can be sure your package will arrive on time. You can also be sure it will arrive safely.

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