What circumstances should you consider Rock Solid Deliveries?

Rock Solid Deliveries are leading and trusted experts in the delivery and courier market, specialising in same day courier items. We often get asked what makes us different or unique to other companies out there, who work in the same field. In our latest article we provide the top circumstances where Rock Solid Deliveries really should be your first choice.

As mentioned already, one of our core services is operating as same day couriers. We have a wealth of experience and a dedicated fleet of workers who strive to ensure we carry out successful and quick deliveries each day. Having delivered an abundant amount of same day packages in over 25 years, we invite you to give us a try, to see just how we have perfected this fine cog in our parcel delivery machine.

One of the factors that helps us to achieve same day delivery is the fact that we are not a 9-5 business. We are always open and waiting for your calls to fulfil your instructions. Why wait till tomorrow when you can get something done now and today? Day or night, Rock Solid Deliveries will be always happy to help.

We are not just any ordinary delivery or courier company. In addition to handling what many people might consider as routine items, we also deliver very sensitive, perishable or valuable items. Our scope of operation is vast and whilst we treat every job as unique, there is no such thing as a too small or too big job for us. All our workers are trained to handle every item they receive professionally and carefully, giving extra time and attention to those really special or very important items.

If other courier companies have let you down in the past, then it really is time you considered Rock Solid Deliveries. We value custom and holding onto custom, because we know how competitive our industry is. We know we can be trusted, as this is voiced in our many satisfied reviews and repeat customers. If you have been let down in the past then it is understandable that you may be a little hesitant at trying yet another courier company. We hope we aren’t ‘yet another’ courier company however, but one you will come to use frequently, trust and recommend.

If you are thinking about using a courier company, and all these principles sound like the type of organisation you would like to trust to do business with, then don’t hesitate to contact the team to discuss your requirements.


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