What it Means to be Rock Solid

In the early days of our business, when it came to choosing our name, we wanted something that represented us from the ground up, something no-nonsense, a name that said exactly what we’re about. We chose “Rock Solid Deliveries” because it stands for trustworthy, reliable and a strong foundation.

We like to believe that we stand by our “Rock Solid” name with our “Rock Solid” performance! So, join us as we review some of last month's toughest deliveries that back our "Rock Solid" claim. Then you'll see why we chose our name!

17th March

On 17th March, at 8:30 in the evening, we received a phone call from a flustered gent in Glasgow who had forgotten his passport… in London! He was due to board a flight the very next morning at 7:00. We put his mind at ease by assuring him he was in safe hands and that he would have his passport in time for the flight. We made sure to keep him updated on our progress, every step of the way. By 6:15, he had his passport in hand, with time to make his flight to Europe.
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28th March

The pressure was on as we were tasked by a well known art gallery in London with delivering a piece of fine art to a customer. A very expensive one-of-a-kind piece of fine art too! To turn up the heat even more, they wanted it to be delivered as soon as possible, in pristine condition. We didn’t break a sweat because, to us, every delivery is treated like a priceless piece of fine art and is handled with the utmost care and security. The piece arrived by the time the customer had required and he was so pleased that he rang the gallery to say how chuffed he was with the piece and our level of service.
See the review of this delivery here:Trustpilot

There are so many deliveries where we have helped somebody out of a pinch; be it documents, forgotten keys or a part that could delay production, costing thousands of pounds, we were there in a matter of minutes and delivered it in no time.

So, Rock Solid? Yes we are!

A trustworthy and reliable service that strives to please you at all costs. All our same day couriers have dedicated vehicles that go from collection to delivery with no deviations or detours, keeping you in the loop at all times, should there be an unforeseen delay.

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