What should be fundamental to any same day courier business?

Different jobs require different skills. Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in courier delivery and same day courier services.

As a trusted and well-established company, we are able to tell you some of the fundamental qualities that should be front and centre of any business that offers same day services.


Good Insurance.

All businesses should have corporate insurance for instances when things go wrong or circumstances out of control present. At Rock Solid Deliveries we are proud and strive to deliver our items hassle free and in the same quality as they were sent. For those very very small amounts of occasions when something unforeseen happens, you want to know you are covered by insurance. Being covered is one thing, being adequately covered is another! Rock Solid Deliveries have a generous insurance coverage to ensure anything valuable remains valuable.


Price of Service

While on the subject of money, costs of service are fundamental to any courier business (just like they are to business in general.) All businesses need to make money in order to expand and grow, but at Rock Solid Deliveries we don’t believe the customer should pay this by being ripped off. We offer competitive rates which won’t compromise on service or quality. Our reward for this is repeat business which helps the overall company to expand.


Honest and reliable availability.

Customers dislike nothing more than companies who are not reliable, or say one thing and do another. As same day couriers we believe this is one area of business where this really can’t afford to happen. We do what we say and honour our promises. We have wide ranges of availability designed to suit everyone when in need.


Job specific dedication.

Do you know of many other courier companies that will be dedicated to solely delivering your parcel and not having drop-offs and de-tours along the way? We stop with your parcel from A to B with no C in the middle! Your parcel and order take priority simply because it will be the only one dedicated to that driver at that particular time.


Modern technology.

Fundamental to the operation of any same day courier business is their investment in and use of technology to track and trace items. With us, your items will be able to be followed at any time whilst receipt and notification of delivery will be available immediately after.

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