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What is an emergency medical courier?

A medical courier is an important job and whilst we at Rock Solid Deliveries specialise in all kinds of bespoke courier services, the transportation of medical goods is probably one of the most important and sometimes critical roles we offer. Medical couriers will transport any items which relate to healthcare situations. Due to the type of items involved, working as a medical courier can be quite a complicated role to fulfil owing to many technical and regulatory requirements. A potential customer needs to ensure they choose someone who they can trust and who has plenty of experience in handling these goods and situations.

When would an emergency medical courier be needed?

The scope of clinical and healthcare situations that could require medical couriers are vast. Some of the most common types include:

* Delivery of items to laboratories, including those which need rapid delivery due to quick testing requirements, or short shelf life of the live sample.

* Delivery to hospitals which can cover all manner of situations involving outpatient and in-patient care.

* Delivery to clinics or other healthcare settings which can include the movement and transportation of medical equipment.

What experience does Rock Solid Deliveries have as emergency medical couriers?

Some specific examples of when we have been called upon to deliver medical items include:

* Blood supplies.

* Pathology samples.

* Delivery of medicines including controlled drugs.

* Transportation of equipment between different medical settings.

* Carrying of IVF needles for our customers client.

* It is not just human medical situations, but also animal. One of our most recent medical courier jobs includes transportation of a horse embryo which was taken and delivered to a stud farm that same morning.