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Looking for a secure courier service?

Thanks for stopping by on this page! If you are looking for a secure courier service, then this is the page where you can learn more information on what this is, along with details of how to book us in for your job or requirement.

What is a secure courier service?

All deliveries matter, it is not dependant on size or any other variable! When introducing this point, it is important to make our audience aware of the great pride and honour we take in handling your parcels, having you as a customer, and carrying out your job. Our reviews are excellent, our customers speak highly of us, and we believe that this is the foundation for any business.

Notwithstanding the above, there are some occasions when you need to send a parcel that is especially important in some way. This could be for a number of reasons including:

* The item is of significant monetary value.

* There is a high personal or private attachment associated with the goods.

* The item is strictly confidential and needs transporting in a secure way – this is probably one of the main reasons for using a secure courier service.

Whilst all parcels need care in transit, some need extra attention to ensure their contents are kept safe. Using a secure courier service will guarantee that your parcel will arrive safely at its destination, free from interference or compromise. This will mean that the package will arrive exactly as you left it and how you handed it over to the courier.

What is the difference between ordinary delivery and secure courier services?

The difference can depend on the individual courier company. Some are much better placed to offer this service than others, so it is worth asking or enquiring to see what is exactly offered by an individual company. Some of the things to look for (and the things we offer at Rock Solid Deliveries for secure courier services) are the following:

* A range of vehicles. If you are transporting something confidential or which you would rather no one else know about, the last thing you need is a courier van displaying “confidential items inside,” for reasons of safety and security. Many of our vans are unmarked, and blend in with the rest of the traffic, meaning your parcel is at much lower risk of being targeted or singled out.

* Tracking capability. All our vehicles are GPS tracked, meaning we can discover where any of our drivers and their parcels are located in a matter of seconds. If you are transporting something confidential or secure, you need the assurance that it can be followed and located, to take the stress out of the process and to be able to reach it if necessary. Our secure courier service offers precisely this.

*End to end scanning. Related to the above, you might be thinking that tracking a parcel is one thing, but proving something so sensitive or confidential has arrived in the hands of the recipient is another. That is why Rock Solid Deliveries offers end to end scanning because we know that in secure courier services, having black and white proof your item is with the intended is the most important thing.

* Insurance value. If you are transporting something highly valuable or confidential, you want to know you are covered if anything goes wrong. That is why all our parcels are fully insured – ask for exact amounts.

We are fully aware however that if the item is confidential or needs to be kept secure, no amount of money can replace any compromise. This is why we act with the highest standards of professionalism and care to ensure these situations never arise.

* Extra staff. There are two pilots on an aircraft at any one time for a reason – someone can always take over if the other becomes ill or similar. Sometimes that extra person acts as further eyes and ears to bolster security. Maybe your parcel is exceptionally confidential, and you need secure courier services which can provide more than one person to fulfil the requirements. On request, this is something we can offer. Please discuss this with us in advance however, as there is obviously slightly bigger planning that needs to go into it. It is still not a problem however.

If you are looking for a secure courier service, then choose Rock Solid Deliveries. We have the staff, technology and vehicles to ensure your confidential, sensitive or valuable item, is transported safely and securely, with no one else being any the wiser as to what is being carried.

Contact Adrian and the team by phone or message, and let us know your exact requirements. We can give you a quote and set up your job there and then.