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The wait & return courier service

Thank you for visiting our wait & return courier service page today. Here we will provide you with more information on what this is, what we offer and how we can help. If you have any questions either before or after reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team for advice.

What exactly is a wait & return courier?

Most people think of couriers as delivering from A to B only. Whilst this does make up a lot of couriers’ work, for some people and for some services, the work does not stop here once the parcel, document or consignment has been handed to the recipient. Some people have the need for the item to delivered from B back to A also – i.e. so it ends up where it started. This is the ‘return’ element of the service. In many cases, this is not as instantaneous or as quick as a few minutes turnaround, and this is where the ‘wait’ element of the service gets its name. Combined, this explains and describes what a wait & return courier does.

Why use a wait & return courier service?

If there is a need for a document, parcel or item to be returned, using this service can be highly beneficial for the customer. This is because it can often be more advantageous and cheaper for the original courier to wait around until the return leg of the journey is ready, rather than booking two separate courier services. This can still even be the case if the courier has to experience a time gap between deliveries – a fact that can surprise many people.

What are the circumstances that wait & return couriers are useful for?

There are many, but below are some of the most common:

* You have documents that need signing by someone which then need to be returned to your business straight after.

* A package or parcel that needs to be inspected by someone, but still has to be returned to its origin after this has been done.

* Items that need valuing (such as antiques, arts or fragiles,) to which the customer would be happier if they were returned as soon as that was complete.

* ‘Loaning’ equipment to another part of your business located in a different area, but the requirement being that the piece of equipment is returned to base after use.

Advantages of using a wait & return courier.

We have touched on some of these already, but the benefits of this service can be seen to be large, and they include:

* Saving money – as referenced above.

* Saving hassle and stress. In particular, you are not dealing with multiple courier companies, increasing the chance that the operation is likely to run much smoother.

* The same driver is responsible for your parcel from the moment it leaves you to the moment it returns. The driver therefore is aware of any important requirements or needs and this doesn’t need to be communicated across multiple couriers, with the risk of information being lost in translation.

* You reduce carbon footprint and increase your green credentials because extra travelling and distances are reduced. If you are a business especially, this is very important.

Further information

Our wait & return courier service does not just apply from A to B and B to A. If your needs or requirements are more complicated, for example, where there is another venue or location involved, we can deliver to multiple places as drop offs, whilst still returning the item to you once the whole process has been complete. We are able to assist if this is a one time only need or something which will occur on a regular basis.

Wait and return courier services are founded on the basis that no customers or business likes to wait and experience unnecessary delays. That is why we here at Rock Solid Deliveries will do the waiting for you, allowing for your business to continue to function without the impact that wasted time can cause. We know that time is precious and you could be far better off being productive at something else!

To ask for a quote or discuss further your requirements for our wait & return courier service, please contact Adrian or one of the team now. We can tailor our work to your individual needs and we would be happy to welcome you as a new or returning customer.