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A warm welcome to our Swansea page!

This page is targeted at the people of Swansea and the surrounding area. If you are looking for a courier company that can help with a range of delivery services, as well as providing bespoke options then you have come to the right place. Our specialism is rapid delivery services and on this page also, you can find out more information on our Swansea same day courier offering.

Rock Solid Deliveries is a courier business which has existed for many years. It is based in Birmingham and ran by the managing director Adrian Critchley. Adrian knows what it takes to be in charge of a successful delivery company and has used many years of his experience to fine tune and refine this business to ensure it is totally customer orientated. You may be wondered how a Birmingham business can operate in Swansea. Rock Solid Deliveries has a national team of employees and staff throughout the country, including in all different nations of the UK. Wales is no exception, therefore you can be assured we have plenty of staff around and near Swansea that would be available to assist in your requirements. One of the benefits of Rock Solid Deliveries is we are able to pick up items in as little as 60 minutes. With this assurance, it proves that location is no object. Fast pick-up time is also important to be aware of if you are looking for emergency courier for Swansea same day courier services.

What areas in Swansea are we able to work in?

Rock Solid Deliveries cover all areas of Swansea for any of its delivery or courier services. These include the main and well-known places in the city such as:

* Swansea Central and City Centre areas.

* North Swansea (e.g. Foxhole, Landore.)

* East Swansea (e.g. St Thomas, Port Tennant.)

* South Swansea (e.g. Sandfields, Brunswick.)

* West Swansea (e.g. Mount Pleasant, Townhill.)

When would I need to use Rock Solid Deliveries as a Swansea resident?

We are a courier and delivery service in the basic and obvious sense of the term that all people understand. However, Rock Solid Deliveries is more than just a parcel shipping company. We offer bespoke, critical, and essential delivery of items covering a wide area of industry as well as having a strong personal customer base.

* Rock Solid Deliveries are highly professional and sensitive at handling healthcare deliveries as medical couriers. This includes all major branches of healthcare across Swansea, such as:

  • Hospitals: including the Morriston Hospital & the Singleton Hospital.
  • Dentists: providing courier services to private or NHS dentists across Swansea.
  • Pharmacies: delivering vital medicines or other products to independent or chain established chemists.
  • Laboratories or any other healthcare environment.

* We also offer courier services in fine art, which can often involve our presence at museums or art galleries, such as the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea Museum or the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.

  • In addition to this we offer delivery for all items of jewellery, antiques, paintings, or sculptures, and this can be for private individuals or businesses.

* Arrived at the airport and forgot your passport? It doesn’t have to spell the end of your trip. Our forgotten passport service can ensure you get the document back into your hands quickly, allowing you to resume your day normally. This is offered at Cardiff Airport, and also Bristol Airport if you are travelling slightly further from home.

* If you are looking for a Swansea same day courier then we offer dedicated rapid delivery services, perfect if you need something delivering within 24 hours rather than tomorrow or next week. Coupled with this, we also offer a similar emergency courier service for when the unexpected arises and you need to count on someone fast.

* If you going to or running an event or exhibition then we have a lot of experience in helping customers get items to and from such venues. In Swansea we cover all of the main arenas such as the Liberty Stadium and Swansea Arena, as well as Theatres in the area such as The Swansea Grand Theatre.

* Our area of operation stretches further to include freight and European delivery services. We can ensure that Swansea is either the start or end point for these jobs subject to your requirements. Businesses are likely to take advantage of this.

  • We also provide European delivery for individuals and private customers as well as a fragile items service for delicate items.

As a customer we know that using a company for the first time can feel somewhat like a risk. It therefore helps to know you are in safe hands and you can trust us.

Take a look below to see what some of our other Swansea customers have said about us. If you need more convincing, please click our Trustpilot page where you can find many more reviews.

Miss Jill Franks from Swansea remarks:

“Highly recommend this company. I was in a corner with the DVLA losing my licence and I’m going away tomorrow at 5am! No problem to this company.”

Ms Cope Tylee from Swansea reviews:

“After a no show collection for a very important deadline from an allegedly top London courier I was relieved to have found Rocksoliddeliveries who turned around the deadline within rock solid timing!!!! The most highly reliable and efficient customer service I have experienced to date. No comparison they are in a league of their own!!!!”

We offer express pick-up and delivery, in Swansea and throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on being a helpful and reliable delivery company. For a Swansea same day courier, or one of our other services  (including in surrounding areas,) give us a call on 0800 999 8220 or chat with Adrian and the team by sending us a message or email.