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Thinking about same day courier services, or need something delivered within 24 hours? Rock Solid Deliveries are just the company you need. We offer same day services throughout the UK, but in this post, we’ll focus on Manchester.

Manchester is a large city which covers the main centre and a large suburb area, with several towns surrounding it. Manchester is the heart of the north of England making it a gateway to many other cities close by, and onwards north to Scotland, or South to London. It is perhaps no surprise therefore that we have a lot of customers based in and around Manchester and a number which use us for same day services.

You may have already done some reading about our company and noticed we are based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. Your next thought then is probably questioning how we can offer a same day service to Manchester. The answer is that this does not matter. We have a team of staff which are located throughout the UK. Manchester is not only a short drive from Birmingham anyway, but it is one of the main cities within the UK and our resources are well equipped to cater for this. We are available for all same day requirements across Manchester, ensuring your parcel gets to its destination in the fastest time with no fuss or delay.

Our same day service is offered at private individuals or businesses, who need an item delivered in a time when an overnight send and receive in the morning service would just be too slow. The advantage of our same day service is that a sole person is responsible from start to finish. We are able to use tracking to follow this person and thus your parcel, giving you added peace of mind whether your requirement is within Manchester or somewhere further.

You may be located in Manchester, reading this, and wondering whether this service can be used for specific events or venues within the area. The answer is undoubtedly yes. Some of the venues / situations locally we have either had experience in the past with, or know are popular for courier requirements include the following:

* Manchester Airport (particularly for forgotten passports.)

* Event Venues across Manchester, such as the Manchester Arena, Football Stadiums like Old Trafford, or concert halls.

* Other art and entertainment venues in the locality, such as the Manchester Art Gallery or The Lowry and The Palace Theatre or the Theatre Royal.

* Manchester Royal Infirmary or the North Manchester General for healthcare. This also extends to related establishments including dentists and pharmacies across the area.

Manchester facts

Think you know Manchester well?…

There are 25 Nobel Prize winners associated with the University of Manchester. That is the highest number beyond Oxford and Cambridge!

11 million bricks are used in the Manchester viaduct. If these bricks were stretched in a straight line that would be the equivalent distance of Manchester to Madrid and back.

Manchester has a massive 98 train stations, so you are never far from transport.

Until 1996, many people in Manchester used Cheshire or Lancashire as part of their address, because Royal Mail did not recognise Greater Manchester as a county until after this date.

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