A guide to film and production couriers

If you are familiar with our company, you will know that we cater for a range of services beyond the traditional courier offering that many delivery companies work in. In our latest article we will take a closer look at one of these bespoke services we offer, and what exactly is involved in carrying it out.

In many industries time and money are important factors in operation. In the film and production industry this is especially so. Figures from 2021 show that a total £5.64 billion was spent on film and TV production. From these figures alone, you can begin to see the impact money has. Missing a vital deadline for an airing of a film or TV show therefore, or having cast or crew members sitting around doing nothing is not an option in this industry. In the film and production sector, there is always a requirement for couriers to be on hand. There are many materials that often need to be transported, including props and equipment which need to arrive at the studio on time. This is often difficult to achieve for ordinary delivery services that don’t specialise, and this is why the use of a bespoke service can be of great benefit.

Workers in the film and production industry can have all range of circumstances where they need something to be transported. This can often be at short notice, and so not only is a bespoke courier service needed, but flexibility within that courier service also. That is why successful couriers within this sector can offer the likes of same day courier services for example, which can help execute even faster delivery – perfect for those tight time deadlines as mentioned earlier.

One of the most important things as a film and production courier is access to an appropriate fleet of vehicles. Sometimes all that may need to be delivered is a script or important document. On other occasions large props or equipment may need to be transported. This demands access to transportation mediums that are both small and large, and having access to these on demand and when required is an import factor for a courier who offers film and production services.

Experience is also another key factor to any courier who works within this industry. Rock Solid Deliveries only puts forward the most appropriately skilled and experienced person for the job at hand. Couriers who work in film and production can often be handling sensitive or confidential material, or equipment which costs thousands of pounds, and can be very difficult to replace. Those couriers who understand the film and production industry well should be very aware of this, and only send staff with the correct skill set.

Everyone knows how important films and TV shows are. They bring people together and offer a sense of escapism for the audience who are watching. Many people forget the amount of work that goes on with a film or TV show because they are sat enjoying the end product. Film and TV is like a massive road network with many paths – each of those paths is a different person carrying out a role which helps bring the production to life. Couriers who work with film and production companies are one such path within that system, contributing to making that film or show become a reality.

Interested in finding out more on this service or looking to hire us? Have a look at our film & production courier page for more information.

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