A Plane to Catch

Archie was worried, and no wonder. He was in London for a flight to South Africa, but he’d left his passport in Edinburgh. With his plane due to leave at 9pm that night, he’d need his passport by 7.45 at the absolute latest. So could we send a same day passport courier to pick up his passport and deliver it from Edinburgh to London within that time, including contending with the Friday night rush hour? If we couldn’t, Archie would have pay out for an expensive night in a hotel, kick his heels in London for another 24 hours, and wait for the next flight home.

Our same day courier was on his way immediately. He went straight to the address Archie had given us in Edinburgh, collected the passport and headed south. With a long journey and a tight deadline, it was vital that we stayed in touch with Archie during the day, keeping him up to date on the courier's progress. Fortunately, all our vehicles are equipped with full GPS tracking, so it was easy for us to see how the courier was doing. He made good time on the motorway and only hit a slight problem when he encountered the inevitable Friday afternoon traffic in London. With a combination of patience and use of his sat nav to avoid the worst of the congestion, our same day courier made it to the airport and put the passport in Archie's hand before 7.15pm. Archie was on his way home and we could look back on a job well done.

Whatever you need delivered, wherever you need it delivered to, our same day couriers can help you. And if it's a long journey, we'll stay in touch with you during the day to keep you updated on where your package is. Call us on 0800 999 8220 and let us put your mind at rest. Your delivery is in good hands.

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