What is the advantage of using a parcel drop-off service?

Gone are the days that if we are selling something or returning an item, means we must wait in for a courier to collect something at a certain time. This is of course still an option and preferred for some people in certain cases. Today, parcel drop-off has gained in popularity as a much easier and more convenient  way to fit around peoples busy lives. In this article we’ll look at some top tips to ensuring your parcel drop-off goes smoothly and what some of the advantages to using this service are.


1) Ensure the package is secured to lower the risk of transit damage.

2) Ensure you have an accurate size and weight for your parcel which will be important for pricing purposes.

3) Remember to ensure the receiver’s address is clearly marked (as you would for any parcel or letter) and it is a good idea to include your ‘sender’ address aswell.

4) You may need to know the value of your parcel for insurance purposes and will probably be given the option to cover for this. If your item is valuable or hard to replace, we especially recommend this.

5) Ensure any labels, receipts or instructions are printed off and be sure to follow these.


Now you have packed your parcel securely and got everything sorted, what are the main reasons you may want to use parcel drop-off?

1) One of the biggest benefits is it is flexible to fit in with your time – when you want and when you can.

2) It is also convenient, as there are a growing number of locations that are being used a parcel drop-off points.

3) Most locations are open late and 7 days a week to receive parcels, so the traditional ‘out of hours’ times are also covered.

4) There is generally no queuing or waiting as you simply drop your parcel off, scan and go.

5) Parcel drop-off does make ‘green’ sense because a number of people are using one central place, rather than (for example) a courier having to pick up and drive many miles.

Rock Solid Deliveries are professional couriers who specialise in same day delivery. Whilst we know that there is a time and a place for parcel drop-off services, this would not be suitable for all items or circumstances. Therefore, we do pick up your items, but unlike some companies, can do this within a 1-hour slot so you can get on with the rest of your day. It is as good as a parcel drop-off without you having to leave home!

If you would like to find out a rough price guide for using any range of our services, why not visit our instant estimate page now, where you can find out what your parcel delivery may cost.

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