Advantages of using couriers to ship to Europe for your business

Many people think of using couriers for domestic purposes – businesses needing to ship from one part of the UK to another, or someone who has a requirement to send an item from one part of the country to another. For some courier companies, this is the extent of the services they offer. Other courier companies are able to offer a range of additional services, and one such is international delivery. At Rock Solid Deliveries, aswell as specialising in same day courier services, we are able to offer a European delivery service. This blog post will be focused on this, along with some of the advantages for using it.

Using a European delivery option has the benefit of being able to appeal to more customers. Suddenly a business is not constrained by the geographical limits of the UK, but instead has a wider area at their disposal. Reliable international couriers can be a big step in forging a good relationship between customers, contacts and businesses across Europe.

Using an international courier can help with some of the pitfalls of sending items around the Europe. We all know that sending items to the EU has become more complicated since Brexit, with the addition of charges and extra ‘red tape.’ Having a company who knows the rules and regulations can be the biggest help you have ever wished for if you are seeking to be part of the European market.

Brand stagnation is reduced by using a European courier. If you are appealing to a domestic audience, there is only so many times you can promote an item. Once it has ceased to be new or popular, the audience market is generally then shut down. By appealing to a European audience, this opens up many new opportunities as avenues to appeal to new people. European delivery couriers are then the essential link in that chain to ensure that your customers orders are fulfilled.

Capitalise on the international market for British brands. Some British products are very popular in Europe and many customers are often happy to pay additional postage and shipping costs if it is something they really want. This can only be achieved however if you use a reliable and trusted European delivery partner.

The returns rate is often lower. Just as shipping to a customer in Europe involves extra postage and charges, the same applies in reverse if a customer needs to return an item. There will of course always be people willing to do this, but many can be put off from returning items due to the return costs. This benefits the business because the overall product success rate is higher. Generally speaking, couriers are only needed to ensure that any products go from the UK to Europe, and this saves cost to the business also.

Are you thinking of using European delivery to expand your business? Talk to us today to see how we can help make it work for you.

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