An Eye For Detail

I’d taken my car to the garage for a simple service. Everything seemed fine until a few days later when I noticed oil leaking from under the bonnet.

It turned out that the cap for the oil reserve was missing, and now the whole engine was covered in oil! The mechanic had clearly been distracted while he was tinkering with the engine, and closed the bonnet without replacing the oil cap. When I told the garage about it, they were very apologetic, but I’ll be getting my repairs done elsewhere from now on!

Small details matter. An oil cap might seem insignificant but, without it, the engine could be ruined. The small details matter to a same day courier, too. A few minutes’ delay can be crucial. Not handling a package correctly can damage the contents. Delivering to someone other than the addressee can mean the goods go missing within a company.

At Rock Solid Deliveries, we care about the details. We understand that customers give us particular instructions for a reason, we listen carefully to what they need, and we commit to doing everything we can to meet those needs. In fact, diligence is one of our core values: ‘We will get the job done. We will do whatever it takes to meet our customers’ needs, always giving our best to the task and never being satisfied with half-hearted efforts.’

Our customers seem to appreciate this approach:

‘Called them at the last minute for an emergency job and they reacted straight away ensuring that we did not let our customer down.’

‘I needed to deliver a package on the same day (Sunday) and get proof that the letter was delivered. They did all this and were absolutely brilliant.’

‘I had an architectural model that had to be transported safely from Chester to London. Rock Solid responded immediately, did what they said they would do quicker than expected and at a fair price. They phoned in with an update on the driver’s location which was reassuring and meant that I wasn’t left hanging around.’

If you need a same day courier who will pay attention to the details, call Rock Solid Deliveries. We can take care of your delivery needs. Call 0800 999 8220 today.

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