Are some courier companies literally failing to deliver?

The courier market is increasingly becoming a very competitive field, with many companies vying for your business.

Whether you are using Rock Solid Deliveries for a same day courier service or other bespoke delivery we can confidently assure you that we never take our customers custom for granted! However, customers need to be increasingly careful when deciding what they send through a courier company. It has recently been reported that some companies are using exclusion clauses to avoid liability for missed or undelivered items. Therefore we are advising that all customers either:

  • Check (as a mater of course) that what they intend to send is not a prohibited item and will be covered by the courier companies terms and conditions.
  • If you feel your item is a bit special or unique then please ask to avoid problems later.

The recent research doesn’t seem to make clear whether the real problem is excluded items, or actually items going missing, but I think we can all draw our own interpretations from this.

The article goes onto state that some courier companies have a list of more than 100 items which are excluded from their delivery guarantee. Some of these items are what people would least expect to be banned, which includes things like jewellery or confectionary. One of the biggest complaints from consumers is that these lists of not covered items are very difficult to find – either because they are in small print or located on a separate page altogether.

The research goes onto claim that the ‘real’ reason for this is because companies are aware that certain items are more likely to go missing or suffer damage and therefore if these are excluded then they are saving themselves time and money in an ever-increasing market where profit margins are getting squeezed.

The benefit of hiring Rock Solid Deliveries for your same day courier or other delivery services, is that we stay with your package from start to finish and ensure it is delivered to the recipient. By having a fully tracked service, never mixing with other customers goods and taking extra care with fragile items.

We are proud to offer a reliable and customer centred service that will ensure we really do deliver!







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