Benefits of being a self employed courier

Since the pandemic, the rise in people undertaking self employed work has increased. Self employed work as a courier has also increased and is a popular choice amongst people who are looking to start to work for theirselves and become their own boss. Whatever the profession, being self employed is not easy, though it does have a number of advantages depending on personal situation and circumstances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top advantages of working as a self-employed courier.

1) Greater flexibility

Couriers that are self-employed can set and manage their own schedules meaning they are free to plan around other commitments or plans they have. Sometimes however it is not as simple as this because a minimum amount of work can be required to make the job worthwhile. At busier times of the year such as Christmas, flexibility can go down on the list of priorities as being busy and demand takes over. Balance is key when it comes to working and any job, but is true that self employed couriers do have more flexibility overall.

2) Stable work

Some jobs, and some self-employed job can be very seasonal or causal, meaning it can be difficult to earn a proper wage from, especially if this is needed to hold down and keep a mortgage for example. One thing that can be guaranteed as a courier is that parcels will always need to be delivered and so there will always be a demand for couriers. If anyone is considering a self-employed courier job, you can be assured that it is something that should provide plentiful work.

3) More time off / holidays

Similar to providing greater flexibility, being a self-employed courier can mean that workers have a chance to have more time off work. One of the benefits of being self employed is that workers are not limited to certain days, dates or times. This can make life easier, and potentially save money (because holidays can be taken when they are least expensive for example.) Once again there is a balance to be struck here, and time off has to ‘earned’ by ensuring that enough work has been done to be able to pay for this.

4) Explore the area

Being a self employed courier can mean that you get to explore your local area and perhaps further afield, visiting places that you might never have been before. The UK has a vast landscape, ranging from lush green countryside, to cosmopolitan cities and seaside resorts. If you are stuck in an office job you may never get the chance to visit or see many of these places. A self employed courier can regularly visit a variety of different areas. No two days are the same, and this can keep the job fresh and interesting.

5) Make extra money

People who are employed are often on fixed incomes, meaning they get paid a set amount for their work but there is often little chance to earn more. Being a self-employed courier driver can mean that the potential earning capabilities are limitless depending on how much and how hard the person is willing to work.  At a time when money is tight and things are tough, this can be a big advantage.

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