Can You Get Same Day Delivery?

Believe it or not, yes you can. At Rock Solid Deliveries, we specialise in delivering goods on the same day you call us. Because of our nationwide network of couriers, we have a same day courier near you who can collect your package and deliver it anywhere in the UK on the same day.

That might not sound that impressive if you just need something delivered across town, but we can even deliver from one end of the country to the other on the same day.

So, even if you need a cake delivered from Brighton to Dundee on the same day, we can do it. In fact, we have done it! Our customer was planning a wedding in Dundee and had ordered a spectacular cake from a world-renowned cake store in Brighton, as the centrepiece for the reception. Rock Solid Deliveries stepped in to deliver it. Read the full story here.

We also offer express delivery to mainland Europe. That kind of delivery might not be possible on the same day we collect the goods, but we can still promise speedy service. If you need a delivery outside the UK, call us and let’s talk about what we can do.

If you have an ambitious delivery in mind, give us a call. We can’t resist a challenge! Call Rock Solid Deliveries today, tell us what you need us to deliver, where from and where to, and we’ll get the job done on the same day. Call 0800 999 8220 for an instant quote.

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