Common service problems courier customers face

The courier industry is not perfect – just like any industry, we all face problems within our work. It is however, how we deal with these problems, adapt, and change for the better that sets some of the best companies apart in any industry. In our latest article, we will take a closer look at what some of these problems are and the biggest cause for complaint from customers against delivery and courier companies.

1) Late deliveries. These are big problems for couriers and are often made worse by increased demand and busier times. Customers expect to receive parcels and packages as quick as possible, and certainly not subject to unnecessary delay. Often customers need to make plans for someone to be at home or alternative arrangements, and a late delivery will leave a frustrated customer who has gone to effort for nothing.

2) Poor arrival of items. There is nothing worse than knowing you have spent money on a sale or order, only to find when your parcel arrives that the box is damaged, and the contents is even worse. A courier’s aim is to have safe custody of the parcels why they are in their possession and treat the goods as if they were their own. Having a customer contact a business to complain of this, along with the business having to send a replacement is inconvenient for both parties, aswell as bearing an extra cost for the business. Consideration of fragile items couriers for example, can help with this.

3) Price problems. Every courier is different, offers a different service and therefore you would expect pricing structure to vary a little. That is just the nature of business and businesses within any industry. One thing that annoys customers the most is the complicated and difficult pricing structure along with some companies seeming to take advantage of this confusion by charging what they like. It is of course the right of a business to charge what they want, but if they want to attract and keep customers then being fair and reasonable is the key.

4) Bad customer service. No customer likes a poor experience whether that is a telephone, energy, shopping or courier service company. Poorly treating customers is probably one of the worst things a business can do to affect it’s relationship with a customer and it is something that should be avoided at all costs.

5) Service and logistic problems. This probably covers all the above and everything else not mentioned to a certain extent. Imagine receiving a quote for a delivery which is wrong, your delivery being sent out to the wrong address or at the wrong date / time. These are all types of service / logistical problems that all companies can face, including ones that operate as couriers. These types of circumstances are ones which all have the potential to lower a businesses reputation and likely to lead to customers giving poor reviews which ultimately impact on new and repeat business.

We are pleased to say that we at Rock Solid Deliveries are aware of all these problems that customers can face and have acted over the years to build up our courier service based on smooth operation and reputation. Whether you are using our same day delivery service or one of our range of other courier options you will be treated with the same professionalism and expertise.

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