Could your parcels be uninsured without you knowing?

Avid and regular readers of our blog would have seen our most recent posting which looks at how the courier industry will cope with Christmas 2020. As part of this, there has been a big increase in recruitment for courier drivers. That, along with the situation currently, has produced the circumstances where many people are looking to earn a bit of extra money, or just earn something at all. One of the things some people consider in these circumstances is becoming a self-employed courier driver. After all, if you have a car and are used to driving it is something that many can do with reasonable ease.

To all those who are thinking of doing this (and potentially their customers) did you know that your normal car insurance policy will not cover you for being a self-employed courier driver? If anything goes wrong, you will not be able to claim on your car insurance. Research has shown (particularly at this time when it is becoming popular) that this is becoming more of an issue that people are falling foul of. People do not do it intentionally or as a way of deliberately deceiving, they are literally just unaware of the rules.

For insurance purposes, when the status of a car changes to one of being used for ‘personal or business gain’ the normal insurance ceases to become valid. A person should either get business cover added to their policy, or take out an additional policy that covers use for work. At worst, people can be caught by the police, fined and prosecuted for not having appropriate insurance to cover the purposes it is intended for. Therefore, please be aware, as this could end up a costly mistake. If you are trying to make some extra cash, shelling out to pay for a fine or damage is the last thing you need!

The trouble with this situation is it not only the driver / courier who is running a risk. In the same way because the insurance is invalid, if you are a customer of the courier and suffer damage to your parcel for example, or a lost of parcel etc, you too would have no claim on their insurance and would have no protection. You would instead have to take out an action against the courier independently and privately yourself. Whilst this is possible, it is often a headache and there is no guarantee you would get the redress you wanted.

Often as consumers we do not get any say on who delivers our parcels or goods because we are in effect a third party – the contract is between the delivery company / person and the business who supplies you the goods (for courier purposes.) Most businesses do use well known and vetted people but this situation is something to be mindful of and think about.

Here at Rock Solid Deliveries – specialists in same day delivery, when it comes to being insured you don’t need to even ask the question, as we are totally on it! We guarantee all parcels will arrive in the tip top condition they were sent, and just incase of valuable goods, we are covered to over £10,000, so you fully relax.

Like the sound of comprehensive insurance for your parcels? Find out what else makes us such a special courier company by visiting our about us section.

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