Dealing with a delivery emergency

If you suddenly find you have a delivery emergency on your hands or need something transporting fast, then all logic and rationality on how to approach the job can become quickly forgotten.

Knowing you have to get something delivered in a very time restricted window can be a stressful experience – you need to act quickly but ensure everything is done correctly to ensure the parcel arrives at its destination.

The good news is that Rock Solid Deliveries as same day couriers can help. The problem can be quickly solved and it is not as complicated or as stressful as you might think. In this article we provide some pointers that can help you out if you ever find yourself in this experience. This information should help you to ensure things run much more smoothly.


Firstly, you need to ensure you pack your parcel quickly but suitability. Make sure you have used the correct packaging materials for the contents of the box to ensure your item arrives safely. Doing this first will save a lot of time.


Secondly you need to find and label the address as accurately as possible. If the correct and full address is not given, this can add time and cause delays, meaning your parcel takes a bit longer to arrive – not the kind of situation you want in an emergency delivery.


At this point, the third thing you should do is call Rock Solid Deliveries. Explain to us exactly what service you are needing and any special requirements for your delivery (at this point it is probably wise to mention that it is an ‘emergency delivery.’) We can then ensure we get transportation to you within an hour and bring a vehicle which takes care of any other requirements you might have.


Once we arrive you can hand over the parcel then let us do the hard work. At this point all your stress should be over. Your parcel will be transported quickly and securely ensuring it arrives at its destination within the same day. In the unlikely event of any delays beyond our control we will contact you immediately, so do keep communication channels open just in case. Thankfully this happens very rarely.


We understand that people may still worry about their emergency delivery even after it has been passed to the courier. Therefore, we are able to provide delivery receipts either by email or text message to let you know it has arrived safely and successfully.


Have a delivery emergency? Trust Rock Solid Deliveries as your same day delivery company. 

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