Delivery trends of 2020

2020 has been without doubt a strange, difficult and uncertain year. It is not over yet either, so there is plenty of time for further twists and turns! Changes and adaptation to businesses have had to occur in every industry right across the world.

The courier industry has been one such business that has experienced many changes because of the pandemic, and the knock-on consequences of it. Although business output and spending has slowed, the demand for online services and delivery has increased. More and more people are deciding to stay at home and take the hassle and risk out of their lives with the current situation. This has benefited the courier industry generally, thanks to an increase in online sales and handling of parcels more generally.

We were interested to see a piece of research that looked at delivery trends of this year and how coronavirus has impacted it. Many courier and delivery companies have seen a rapid expansion and demand for services related to the medical and healthcare sectors – not surprising given what has happened this year. In particular, there was greater demand for services which involved delivery to medical laboratories, aswell as the rise of pharmacies requiring extra services of courier companies. Some delivery businesses have also seen a rise in procurement related services – particularly those related to central or local governmental departments.

The study also found that some of the biggest demand for the above delivery services were related to:

* Keyworker equipment, including uniforms and PPE.

* Medical samples which were transported between hospital and laboratory establishments.

* Pharmacy and other dispensing locations, requiring extra deliveries as demand for stock increased.

Many courier companies have reported a win/win situation. Whilst traditional delivery areas may have seen some decline, this has been offset by strength in other areas as the above findings show, whilst also being on hand to play an important and vital part of keeping the country moving in terms of delivery of essential items during this challenging time.

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