The role of diesel fuel in the courier industry

Diesel fuel (compared to petrol and electric) has got something of a rather bad name recently when it comes to how vehicles are run. In this article we’ll take a closer look at this and why the reliance on diesel is important for commercial industries like the courier industry.

Whichever way it cuts, there is no doubt that diesel fuel is vital to the operation of the both the courier and wider commercial industry. A recent study found that over 95% of all commercial vehicles above light-weight ones run on diesel fuel within EU countries. This is a substantial number. We have already seen how the commercial industry was disrupted during lockdown, if diesel were taken out, something similar would be sure to happen.

If you listened to the news or some soundings recently, you would think that the popularity of diesel fuel has reduced – this is not the case, and certainly not commercially.

Some of the significant benefits diesel fuel has over other energy forms include:

* Diesel gives a greater energy content and output to the commercial vehicle.

* Diesel can actually be very fuel efficient, if the driving style and skill is optimised.

* Diesel tanks provide a greater range of mileage per fill.

* Recent advances in science have meant that diesel fuel and diesel engines have become cleaner.

If you are a same day courier business or are a delivery driver then having these requirements are vital to the operation and progression of your business. It is something as simple as these points which can help drive custom, expand companies and keep prices competitive. We all know that the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles has gained a lot of pace over recent years – it isn’t hard to not see such adverts on the TV. The truth is that when it comes to the commercial sector, the ability to overhaul it’s fuel requirements has not been so fast, and it is actually a rather complicated picture, because we are often talking about bigger vehicles which need to be far more “hard wearing” than the average car.

Many people would think that all diesel fuel is the same. Whilst it does the same thing, this is not fully true. Combined with those better and efficient engines we mentioned earlier, diesel fuel is getting more cleaner and is becoming a lot more environmentally friendly. There are often different varieties of diesel fuel available and sometimes selecting a more greener one can mean that commercial businesses can still benefit whilst recognising their contribution and helping the environment.

We at Rock Solid Deliveries believe that sustainability is an important part of any business model and all commercial businesses and courier the industry should take a collective step to be responsible about the fuel they use and the environmentally friendly credentials of the vehicles they drive.

The bottom line is that diesel fuel is the lifeblood of the commercial industry and especially for couriers and delivery operations. Eventually, alternatives will be found, and the complicated task of finding better fuels for commercial vehicles will also be found. We would like to see policy makers and science sped up, so this can be achieved quicker because we recognise what a delicate balancing act this is not just for us, but for the commercial industry and the whole planet!

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