Differences between a same day courier and overnight courier

If you are looking for fast delivery, you will probably be faced with the options of a same day or overnight service. It can be a little difficult to work out which is best and what is different (apart from the obvious) between the two, as both imply that your items will arrive quickly. We at Rock Solid Deliveries provide same day courier services as one of our core offerings. With our expertise and experience in the field, you can be confident that our advice given below will tell you exactly how these two services are different and why.

Before going into specifics, the most important point is to look more closely at what each of these services are:

An overnight courier, is a standard service that most courier companies offer. It means your goods will be transported through the night (most likely with other goods going to the same area) arriving the next day, often without a specific time but within a delivery window.

A same day courier is a more dedicated service that only certain companies offer. Your item will be picked up at a specific time and because it has to arrive on that day, it will be transported directly from start to finish, without the interference of other parcels adding to the time or creating detours on the way.

Advantages of an overnight service.

  • They are common services and are usually relatively cheap.
  • They are convenient for a lot of people and still fast as items arrive the next day.

Disadvantages of an overnight service.

  • The risk of damage to items is often greater as other goods are carried.
  • The service operates to tight time schedules, so if you are late or out, you will miss the parcel.
  • The service often has a rigid price structure which takes account of the range of deliveries offered. You often pay more for a smaller item in relative terms because the company can not charge high prices that bigger items attract.
  • The service is often inflexible to any changes or alterations. Since many other goods are carried also, your items are not a complete priority.

Advantages of a same day delivery service.

  • Dedicated driver who will stop and deliver the goods from start to finish.
  • Item is the drivers sole priority, meaning lower risk of damage to goods and time delays.
  • The most fastest delivery service in the time sense.
  • Complete tracking of goods. Since your item is the only one being transported, it will be regularly logged throughout the whole journey. In a service which sends multiple items (like overnight) this is not logistically possible.
  • Greater flexibility for amendments as you are the sole customer. This will not affect other people or other customers who have deliveries on that day also.
  • Higher insurance offering, which will cover your item/s specifically rather than a broad approach to multiple items.

Disadvantages of a same day delivery service.

  • Same day courier services tend to be more expensive than standard delivery services. Most people however accept and understand this, as there is an element of skill and demand in ensuring that an item is delivered safely within that day.

As far as Rock Solid Deliveries are concerned, we can still offer our same day delivery services at fair and reasonable prices, which are not beyond reach. We also base our price on your individual circumstances and requirements, rather than a blanket approach.

Would you like to find out more on this service? Visit our same day courier page where you can find much more information, and see how you can contact us to discuss your needs.

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