Distracted To Death?

There are some alarming facts and figures which show how dangerous it is to use your mobile phone while driving. For instance, according to the WHO, drivers who use their phones are four times more likely to be involved in a crash.

But apparently, your smartphone can also make you a safer driver! A couple of emerging apps that offer drivers rewards for not using their phones while at the wheel. It's a very clever idea and we wouldn't be surprised to see other similar apps available soon.

We at Rock Solid Deliveries take road safety extremely seriously. Wherever our same day couriers are going, whatever they're delivering, we want to make sure they and other road users are as safe as possible. Maybe that will mean equipping our drivers with a safe driving app, at some point. We need to do more research before we make a decision on that. But we’re willing to explore any possibility which might help our couriers stay safe while they're delivering your goods.

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