Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Delivery!

Jill was looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. But there was a problem: she couldn’t find her driving licence.

Where could it be? Then it dawned on her: the DVLA still had it. She’d been waiting for weeks for the DVLA to issue her a new licence, and it still hadn’t come. When she called the DVLA, they explained that her new licence was now ready and offered to send it to her in the first class post. Posting it just wasn’t an option, though – Jill needed her licence before her flight left at 5am the next morning! She needed a same day courier to collect her new licence from Swansea after 4pm and deliver it to her in Essex the same evening.

Not a problem for Rock Solid Deliveries!

We had a same day courier on the way within minutes of Jill’s call, and he was soon eating up the 230 miles between Swansea and Romford. Jill received her licence before bedtime, slept easy and had a great holiday.

For a same day courier who offers you peace of mind, call Rock Solid Deliveries on 0800 999 8220. Whatever your delivery emergency, we won’t let you down.

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