Essential things your courier should know

Life is often complicated and stressful enough. We all want things to run smoothly and be worry / trouble free. When it comes to sending parcels, exactly the same applies. Did you know however that there are certain things you can do to make your couriers job much easier? Not only does this benefit them, this is actually an advantage to you, because you parcel is delivered quicker and more efficiently. Read on to find out what some of these factors are.

Special instructions

When your courier reaches their destination, is there any extra information or special instructions that would be very useful for them to know? For example, is your delivery on an estate which has a gated security system and needs a number code to gain access? Is the entrance to the building actually round the side or back of the property or unit, otherwise making it very difficult for someone to find if they are not familiar with it? If the courier is not aware of these types of things, they can all add extra time to the day, often resulting in someone else being inconvenienced whose parcel was due to be scheduled later in the day.

Opening and closing or availability times

A further piece of information that can really help couriers is to know availability times of the destination venue. This could be especially important in terms of same day courier items which could arrive much later in the day. Does the destination close for lunch? What are the opening and closing times, or is there restrictions on when parcels are accepted?

If your delivery is to someone private, are there times they will not be available – for example, a doctors appointment?

Once again, these may seem like little things, but they really can save couriers time, allowing them to continue to give a high-quality service to clients.

Contact details

Having information related to who the parcel is being sent from, and who it is going to, is vital for obvious reasons. Contact details can and do need to extend further than this, however. If a courier turns up and there is no answer, having a phone number to hand to contact the recipient can be extremely helpful. If delivery is in a business environment and there is no one on reception, does the courier have details of somewhere else within the business who can take safe custody of the item?

Item and order numbers

If your item is being picked up from or delivered to a manufacturer, warehouse or other distributor, does the courier have the correct information, including any item numbers or references? Having the incorrect information, or no information at all, can really slow the process adding extra time for all. Double check that you have any necessary paperwork, and that it is all correct, to save time later.

Your delivery timeframe

If your item is urgent or an emergency, the courier should be made aware from the outset. This allows expectations to be managed and ensure that the courier can deliver for the customer with the parameters of the customers requirements. Late notice of this can’t always guarantee delivery for when needed and many couriers will add a steep sur-charge for such occasions.

Rock Solid Deliveries make their courier and delivery services as easy as possible for their customers. If customers can help us by making us aware of key or important information, this allows us to run a much smoother service benefiting all.

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