What does everyone forget to take on holiday?

April is here, and notwithstanding the current situation thoughts of many people will be turning to the summer and summer holidays. With the days getting longer and warmer, once life returns to normal everyone will want a break from the stresses and hard work that we have all undergone.

When it comes to going away on holiday – especially abroad, things can be a little stressful which we know is the exact opposite point and idea of a holiday. Much of the stress is down to packing and remembering what is important and essential to take. So you are ready and never have another stressful holiday preparation experience again, here are the main things to consider and remember:

1) First aid kit. We don’t want emergencies or accidents to happen whilst away but being prepared can save a lot of trouble.

2) Sun cream. These items can be expensive if purchased once away, so it literally pays to stock up and sort before you go.

3) Phone charger. Most remember the phone but not the charger and even if you ration your battery life, it won’t last a week or more!

4) Umbrella. We don’t want rain on holiday but even the sunniest of places have the occasional showers or thunderstorms. An umbrella can be really useful.

5) Warmer clothes. Depending when and where you are travelling, once the sun has set evenings and nights can turn chilly. Make sure you cover all occasions and not allow yourself to get cold.

6) Travel documents and passports. This might seem a big surprise. How would you even get out the country without them you might ask? Even the most savvy and expert packers that remember all the above can sometimes get caught out and forget their travel documents.

What to do if you forget your passport or travel documents?
Luckily, this is where we at Rock Solid Deliveries can prove very useful. As expert same day couriers we can provide a vital service for forgotten passports and travel documents. We can pick these up for you in as little as under 60 minutes and deliver them safely, fastly and securely to the airport. We have done this successfully for people on many occasions, arriving at the airport in time so the customer can continue their holiday or trip.

Remember that if you do forget most of those items listed above, you can at least buy them once you are away. If you forget your passport or travel documents, chances are you won’t be allowed to go away at all!

Trust Rock Solid Deliveries forgotten passport and travel document service to ensure your worst-case fear never actually comes true!


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