A guide to the medical courier process

Rock Solid Deliveries are experts in a wide range of delivery services, including handling projects which fall to our same day couriers. As part of this, we thought it might be a good idea to take a closer look at one of our specific services. Therefore, in this article, we look exactly at the role of medical couriers and what this actually involves.

All deliveries are important, but none more so than medical ones when it can make a difference to someones health or even mean the difference between life and death. Apart from this, medical deliveries might seem like any other ordinary delivery job – this is not true. Medical delivery by any medical courier is a very sophisticated and technical role. The requirement for experts and people with experience in the field is high because of the scale and implications of the goods involved. Medical deliveries need to be delivered fast and with accuracy – we have already explored some of the important reasons why this is.

Rock Solid Deliveries are renowned for being experts at quick and safe delivery, so our skill set and team members are highly suitable as medical couriers.

Carrying out a medical courier service allows health services to deliver their own vital role of treating patients without experiencing unnecessary or undue delay. Remember that we operate a 24/7 service and will always have someone available in what might seem like the most unlikeliest time or hour. This can be perfect for such a critical and crucial situation like when deliveries are needed to medical professionals.

Rock Solid Deliveries are able to deal with a broad scale of medical courier project briefs. From supplies, to equipment which needs to be delivered to hospitals or clinical settings, we have experience of it all. We are able to pick up at a location and time suitable to you, and this can be done in as little as 60 minutes. We treat all our deliveries with care, but we understand the fragility and sensitivity of medical equipment, therefore we can help with packaging advice and taking extra care of your consignment once we receive it. We also have access to a range of vehicle sizes and types and we will select the most suitable for your specific requirements. Your supplies or equipment will arrive in the same condition as it was sent, so we can guarantee care will be taken.

Why not look at our medical page and see further details? Talk to us about your medical courier project today and we will ensure you the highest standards of service.

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