Health issue considerations for couriers

Couriers are on the road for long periods of time each day. Some travel distances to deliver their parcels and packages. Even those that don’t travel miles but just stay locally, the mileage and amount of time spent driving can still mount up. This puts couriers at greater risk of health problems, and the need to take care of these becomes of high importance. Long hours sat at the wheel, combined with ready access to junk food at motorway service stations, mean couriers tend to be overweight, with rates of diabetes and high blood pressure much higher than the national averages. At Rock Solid Deliveries, leading same day couriers, we take health and safety seriously, especially that associated with our workers and employees. In our latest article, we’ll take a look at some of the things that need to be considered.

1) Energy and alertness

People who are drive for long periods of time each day can become tired, that is why breaks are so important. In the worst cases, this can lead to falling asleep at the wheel – consequences of which do not bear thinking about. Couriers need to ensure that they are adequately rested, along with eating and drinking the right foods to maintain energy levels. Constant tiredness and fatigue can also have a general negative impact on the body, so anything which can be done to lower this will always help.

2) Distractions

Similar and related to the above, distractions can be increased and become more common in people that drive for their job and drive long distances regularly. Being distracted whilst driving is nearly as bad as falling asleep, although there is at least some chance to react. Having to concentrate so intensely for long periods of time while driving, can make it more likely that the mind ‘wonders,’ especially if the driver is thinking about other things going on in their lives. Having a clear head and good mental health is key, which will also benefit overall health.

3) Back and neck pain

Driving involves sitting in one position for a period of time. If someone is doing this for long hours regularly, it can make it more likely that back and neck pain become the result. Stopping for breaks not only helps with tiredness and energy, it can allow the driver to ‘stretch their legs’ and do some simple exercises to keep their body fully agile. On days off, walking, swimming and yoga for example, are all types of activities that someone can do to balance the body and the mind, making it less likely that negative effects will be experienced from driving distances and for longer periods of time.

4) Eyesight

You don’t need to be a genius to work out how important eyesight is for driving. It is essential that those who drive get their eyes tested regularly and ensure they stay on top of eye health. Many people forget eye health, but it is probably the most important health consideration to be aware of. If you wear glasses or contacts, ensure these are with you at all times when driving. Driving at night or in the dark can place extra stress and demands on the eyes, so bear this in mind too.

Your health is your greatest investment. Couriers, and people who drive distances or for long periods of time, have to make extra effort to ensure they look after their health. These considerations go a long way to make sure this is addressed.

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