How are documents kept safe by legal couriers?

Legal documents are by their nature highly sensitive items. There is no room for error. Once something is lost or seen by someone it shouldn’t, it has been compromised and it is too late to go back. The ramifications of this could be serious (even criminal) depending on what is involved. If you are sending legal documents, absolute security is key. In this blog post, we will take a look at how legal couriers keep clients documents safe.

Extra care

You would expect any courier to take care of your parcel or document, whether you are sending a Christmas or Birthday parcel or an important piece of medical equipment. Within this though there are almost different levels of care, and if something is highly critical or sensitive, you would expect extra safe handling and expert care to apply to it. Generally when it comes to legal documents this is not difficult – it is not glass that is going to break, or food that is going to go off if the correct temperatures aren’t set. We all do know however how easy it is to lose paperwork, letters or documents. As a legal courier, this is something that absolutely can’t happen.


Everyone has to start somewhere and the only way someone becomes experienced is being a novice at first. Think of driving a car for example. It stands to reason that given the choice of someone who has never handled legal documents before, verses someone who offers this as a professional service, you will choose the latter. Experienced legal couriers are more likely to be aware of any problems or issues that could arise with transporting the documents, and this makes such staff more likely to keep the items safe.


Many couriers offer tracking today as standard. Some still don’t however, and even those that do, there is a range of tracking scales. Some only offer basic ‘your parcel has been delivered’ tracking, while others can offer step by step GPS tracked updates. If you are sending legal documents, you want those that offer the best and most comprehensive tracking facilities, so you are able to find out what is happening whenever you feel you have to. Important within this, is the ability to have someone sign when they have safely received the items, so you have a physical point of reference should there be a problem.


No one wants to think about items or documents getting lost. Sometimes in the case of legal documents it can be difficult to quantify loss financially, yet it can run into tens of thousands of pounds. If a courier has a comprehensive customer insurance policy, it is a good sign that they are professional and take their business seriously. In this, it is therefore more likely that they will handle sensitive goods like legal documents with the upmost care.

Same day delivery

No one wants important legal documents floating through a parcel or delivery network for days. The quicker these items get from A to B, in the hands of the intended, the better. Many couriers who offer same day services prioritise the particular job only, meaning nothing else will be delivered with it. Whilst this can work out more costly than ‘normal’ delivery, it is a much better way to ensure your legal documents are kept safe, because they are the sole priority.

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